Write Releaser Config#

Command Options and Environment Variables#

All of the commands support CLI and Environment Variable Overrides. The environment variables are defined by the envvar parameters in the command options in cli.py. The environment variables unique to jupyter-releaser are prefixed with RH_. A list of all env variables can be seen by running jupyter-releaser list-envvars.

Default Values, Options, Skip, and Hooks#

The default values can also be overridden using a config file.

Options can be overridden using the options section.

You can skip one or more commands using a skip section, which is a list of commands to skip.

You can also define hooks to run before and after commands in a hooks section. Hooks can be a shell command to run or a list of shell commands, and are specified to run before- or after- a command. Note: the only unusable hook names are before-prep-git and before-extract-release, since a checkout of the target repository is not yet available at that point.

Configuration File Priority#

This is where jupyter-releaser looks for configuration (first one found is used):

  • .jupyter-releaser.toml

  • pyproject.toml (in the tool.jupyter-releaser section)

  • package.json (in the jupyter-releaser property)

Example .jupyter-releaser.toml:

dist_dir = "mydist"

before-tag-version = "npm run pre:tag:script"

Example pyproject.toml section:

dist_dir = "mydist"


after-build-python = ["python scripts/cleanup.py", "python scripts/send_email.py"]

Example package.json:

  "name": "my-package",
  "jupyter-releaser": {
    "options": {
      "dist_dir": "mydist"
    "skip": ["check-npm"],
    "hooks": {
      "before-publish-dist": "npm run pre:publish:dist"

Automatic Dev Versions#

If you’d like to use dev versions for your repository between builds, use dev as the post-version-spec setting, e.g.

post-version-spec = "dev"

This will bump it to the next minor release with a .dev0 suffix.

Ensuring Python Resource Files#

If you want to ensure that resource files are included in your installed Python package (from an sdist or a wheel), include configuration like the following:

pydist_resource_paths = ["my-package/img1.png", "my-package/foo/bar.json"]